All performances will take place at the Schlachthaus Club.

ca. 7 p.m., location will be announced soon

cosmotecho )))

performance, intervention

cosmotecho ))) - with Denis Handschin, Stefan Rudin and Michel Winterberg. The artist group takes data from cosmic background radiation and transforms it into echo. At live acts the sound waves are converted back into electromagnetic waves and sent into space.

8 p.m.
Mit Google Streetview um die Welt reisen

Mit Google Street View um die Welt reisen

public surfing, lecture performance

Alexis Dworsky, born in 1976, is a conceptual artist. He (re)constructed a dinosaur from a roast hare and wrote his doctoratal thesis about it. He travels around the world at Google Street View and gives lectures on it.

Alexis Dworsky travels around the world – not by plane, train or car, but with Google Street View, Nasa World Wind and other online applications. During doing this, he stays at home in front of the screen: His computer and the internet are everything he needs for his journey. Still, the reports of his adventures are full of life. In his lecture performances he is telling stories about his ludicrous experiences at first hand and presents souvenirs to the audience.

9 p.m.
InCity 0.2

InCity 0.2

Audio visual performance

Carmine Spizuoco was born in 1981 in Naples. After earning his bachelor's degree in computer science at the University of Naples Federio II, he was hired at the CRIAI Campano Research Consortium for Informatics and industrial automation. He founded the CtrlAltLab project for interactive and multimedia services, geared to augmented reality and virtual reality. Currently, he is following his passion for Creative coding and Real-time Interaction.

InCity 0.2 was developed with OpenFrameworks. The target was to create a 3d city, in which every object inside the scene, is generated by a given frequency of sound, at a specific moment in time. It runs at 60fps and uses glitch and OpenGl stuff.

9.30 p.m.
Licht Ritmiek

Licht Ritmiek

participative light and sound performance
Leeuwarden (NL)

Mark Buitenwerf is a new media artist. Inspired by his work as a former sports coach, the main focus of his work lies on playing. His works explore the value and meaning of play in many different contexts. Playing is the way we learn new things as a kid, but this attitude towards the world changes as we get older. The playful and curious attitude makes place for reason and logic. Mark’s work focuses on bringing the audience back to that mind-set so that one has the possibility to discover his art self-initiated.

Licht Ritmiek is Dutch for The Rhythm of Light. In this installation, the audience is invited to become 'light composers'. By manipulating light within the room, new sounds and rhythms will emerge. Licht Ritmiek is a journey through the means of sound and sonic exploration. The audience is challenged to work together in order to  create more complex and varied themes. In doing so, a new collective experience can be gained.

10 p.m.
Floating Spectrum

Floating Spectrum

generative audio visual performance

Floating Spectrum is a duo - Mei-Fang Liau and Abe Pazos Solatie.

Mei-Fang is a music technologist from Taiwan. She builds innovative music interfaces that are inspired by natural behaviors.

Abe Pazos Solatie is an artist exploring audiovisual worlds, created by his own software. His programs connect different media and sensors to produce output that is only partially predictable.

The performance is atmospheric, drony and emotional and sparks your  imagination. The sound textures are partially created using Polyphylla, a self-written synthesizer which generates audio using Fractal inspired algorithms.

The generative visuals are partially controlled by advanced audio analysis algorithms, which measure not only amplitude and FFT values, but properties like the inharmonicity, noisiness and the spectral centroid of the individual sound layers. The aesthetics are subtle, unsaturated and slowly mutating, staying away from harsh stroboscopic effects and closer to organic and natural worlds.

10.30 p.m.
Sim Gishel

Sim Gishel

concert, roboter performance

Karl Heinz Jaron was born in 1962, in Memmingen, Germany. He lives and works in Berlin since 1987. His art deals with everyday culture, medial perception and information processing. He rather creates events than objects. This ranges from performances with singing and dancing robots to compositions with electronically interconnected vegetable and audio tours in wind parks.

Sim Gishel is a multimedia robot, born in 2006 in Berlin. He sings and dances in order to become a pop star. He started as a drawing machine and appeared later as a soloist at the Hermes Opera. His greatest success so far has been his participation at the talent show ‘Das Supertalent’ with Dieter Bohlen. Unfortunately, he was not selected for the live shows. Meanwhile, he sings experimental contemporary music. His most ambitioned song is written in C by Terry Riley. Sim Gishel sings it live in 10 voices.

11 p.m.

Cucumbers in Space

audio visual performance

Jakob Stolz is studying architecture at Bauhaus University Weimar. Since he started his studies, he has been concentrating on the entanglement of space and media.

The last century was shaped by big technological changes and the resulting developments, which we often perceive as inhumane. Many film producers of movies like Matrix or THX1138 want to draw attention to these questionable present developments and warn against their consequences. Especially the media shows us worlds that have been dehumanised and is spreading fear. Maybe it is possible to view the progressing technological developments with a positive outlook onto the future, as a utopia?

Jakob Stolz critically deals with dystopias and utopias. If you combine the human gift of self reflexive actions with these developments, one could imagine a form of biological matrix - a hybrid of human mind and technological body. It connects concepts of nature and human technology, freed from constraints such as food intake and reproduction. Eventually, this could enable us to do what we were created for. And maybe even one day, we would conquer space.

However, the present form is rather unfitting. More likely, it is going to be hybrid, created from human substance and human creations. If you ask Jakob Stoz, this hybrid is not going to look lile a X-Wing fighter or Borg Kubus, but maybe more common, trivial, biological.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, in space and its infinite expanse.

And suddenly!


A cucumber in space.

11.30 p.m.


experimental pop concert

Perrine Bailleux's practices - ranging from music and voice to performance, theory and teaching - converge into a formal and generic exploration of "song-making" as a specific medium. She has developed the 'experimental pop' solo project PERRINE EN MORCEAUX, performed many concerts in Europe and released three albums.

RIEN (meaning ‘nothing’) is the name of PERRINE EN MORCEAUX's last album and current show. It is a dense and experimental journey through pop songs. The 50's are composed as one continuous restless hardpop opera. She produces uneven electronic soundscapes out of repetitive and polyrhythmic skeletons made of concrete sound recordings. She works with unsynchronized hardware loop machines, a Kaosspad, a Casio SK1 and a mbira. Incarnated and direct, as utterly melodic as it is inhabited, her voice deploys political poetry and metaphysical anecdotes about time.

00.30 a.m.

beyond the entropic dimension

audio visual performance

incite/ (Kera Nagel and André Aspelmeier) is an audio-visual electronic duo, based in Hamburg since 2004. 2014 their CD „light spin“ was released.

Their performances combine futuristic distorted bass music and outstanding visuals to an immersive synesthetic adventure, complex and inspiring. Tightly synchronized greyscale HD-visuals oscillate between abstraction and semi-narration, inciting perception and awareness.

incite/ excites with an extraordinary information density and opens doors into the sphere of electronic image and music of the 21st century.

01.30 a.m.


analog minimal DIY-electro-set

After giving up his job as mechanic, Claude Winterberg founded his own sound studio and has been producing trance and psychedelic trance, for over ten years now. After the resolution in 2006, he gained first experiences with electronic Workshops and Circuit bending in the environment of the Swiss society for mechatronic art. He performs live sets under the name FlipFloater with nearly entirely self-built synthesizers.

With his minimal DIY electro set, FlipFloater opens his own sound worlds with scratchy Lo-Fi-sounds. His forceful basses and beats create a solid and danceable foundation. On stage, FlipFloater uses almost entirely self-built sound generators, synthesizers and effect devices.

Claude Winterberg will appear on stage together with Greta Macrì.

01.30 a.m.
Video Synthesis Performance

Video Synthesis Performance

analog video synthesis

Greta Macrì is a freelance Computer Animator based in Berlin with a strong love for circuit bending. She circuit bent toys, game consoles and many other devices, trying to obtain corrupted reality in many different visual forms (glitches, feedbacks, Slitscan effect etc). This time, she focused her research on old analog video mixers.

A live performance in which Greta Macrì will use a circuit bent analog video mixer to create visual in real time. Right now, she is using an analog camera, a computer, and a Hama video script as an input for her mixer.

Greta Macrì will appear on stage together with Claude Winterberg.

ca. 2.30 - 05.00 a.m.

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